This tour of hidden London will show you some places that you will have heard of and lots that you haven’t but explaining the stories behind them as we so along .

Starting at St Paul’s Tube station we will walk in a circle visiting a number of historical sites, many of which are off the main tourist trail and reflect the varied history of this part of London over hundreds of years.

Some of  my walks have a theme to them but this one is more a variety of interesting places each with their own individual stories. 

Many of the sites are just off the main streets that people walk down every day little realising the interesting history that lies nearby.

Memeorial to William Wallace of Braveheart Fame
Statue remembering the Great Fire of London
Only statue of King Henry VIII in London
Entrance to ST Bartolomew the Great as seen from behind

A VARIED History

Given the areas long standing links with the publishing industry it is no surprise that famous literary figures auch as Dr Johnson, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain and indeed Shakespeare will get a mention on our walk.

But the fact that the starting point for many journeys to the execution spot and a day of celebrating for the locals is one of our stops means that there are stories relating to that aspect of London to be heard.

We’ll also see a memorial more than a hundred years old which is still in use today, London’s oldest church and the famous criminal court, The Old Bailey.

St Paul's Cathedral from the front
The Temple Bar Gateway
G F Watts Memorial
London's chief Criminal Court


Starting just inside the City of London boundary, which is the oldest part of London, we will weave in and out of the ancient city area.

Historically the area we cover was famous for the printing and newspaper trade as well as some famous executions including William Wallace of Braveheart fame. 

By the end of the walk, you’ll have seen and heard about, amongst other things,  grave robbers, executions, London’s most famous jail, a hidden pub  and a particularly foul mouthed parrot. You will also hear one of the most famous ghost story’s of the 18th century and see the origins of something that has affected most people in the western world at some time in their lives.

The tour will last approx 2.5 hours at a leisurely pace and will finish back at St Paul’s tube which makes for easy transport to other parts of London. 

Or, you can visit St Paul’s Cathedral you also have the option to cross the river at the nearby Millenium Bridge and to have a walk around Tate Modern or see a show at the world famous Globe Theatre.

  The route has some slopes along the way but as we’ll be stopping to visit sites as we go along, so you shouldn’t really notice them.

You can book from a selection of dates on the link below.