Research and Development

Colin does all our historical research, getting the background on areas, walking the routes and designing a unique trip for you to enjoy.


Website and Social media

Colin built the website and is responsible for all the marketing of plodwithme.com on social media and generally making things work.



Colin makes the tea and coffee’s

Hi, my name is Colin and I’m going to be your guide on these London walking tours.

I lived in London for a number of years and was always interested in history.  I was always convinced I was surrounded by history and stories of years gone by that I wasn’t aware of, so I started doing some, well, quite a lot of reading. It turns out I was right.

Armed with this knowledge, over the last few years I’ve taken friends and relatives, then work colleagues on walks and pointed out the history of not just the famous sights but also the hidden history of places with sometimes fascinating and quirky stories.

Frequently people would tell me I should do this as a business as a number of them had been on walks and apparently my efforts were better than some they had experienced in London.

So here it is, my first attempt at a web site and I’ve put some of my most popular walks together, but I’m researching some new ones so sign up if you want to hear about the new walks or for some tips about London in my blog.

As well as the walks, obviously, I plan to give you some ideas of things to do in London you may not have thought of and some money saving tips as well.

I’ll also be launching a YouTube channel so sign up below if you want to know about some of the places I’ve visited and my tips for visiting London.